SALESMAN: “This beautiful Italian Masterpiece is the Giulia. It’s got a top speed of a hundred and ninety one miles an hour. Zero to sixty in three point eight seconds.” MB: “Need that speed.” SALESMAN: “It’s got traction control.” MB: “How can I shut that off?” SALESMAN: “Oh, it’s there for safety.” MB: “Ah, I’m lookin’ for lots of slip slide.” MB: “Bulletproof glass option?” SALESMAN: “That, I’d have to run up the corporate flagpole.” MB: “Excellant-o... it’s Italian...” SALESMAN: “It’s not Italian.” MB: [*Excited car driving noises*] SALESMAN: “You kind of look like that director guy, Michael Bay.” MB: “That *BEEP*? ...No, I do not.” (MB and Salesman outside of Guilia)(Action shots of Guilia)(Shot of car flying, explosion)(Shot of another car flying, explosion) SALESMAN: “Yeah, you do.” MB: “No.” SALESMAN: “It’s got an adjustable suspension, sport, comfort.” MB: “I don’t need comfort, I’m looking for something that can drive down stairs, jump about thirty feet. Like, jump jump!” SALESMAN: “Hm. Unique request.” MB: “I’m a very specific unique customer.” SALESMAN: “Named Michael...?” MB: “I’ll take seven.” SALESMAN: “Seven?!” MB: “Seven.” SALESMAN: “Are you gonna blow these up in a movie?” MB: [*Laughter*] MB: “I’m not that dude.” SALESMAN: “‘Course not.” MB: “Let’s just talk about warranty packages.This is a serious important-o issue, does this cover liability, property damage?”SALESMAN: [*OOf noise*]