Boldly Innovative


Natural mode is designed for everyday use with gearshift parameters configured for maximum comfort and smoothness. In Manual mode, Auto-Up and Auto-Down functions shift at just the right engine speed. The Alfa Romeo Electronic Q2 differential only cuts in during a significant loss of grip.


Dynamic mode helps deliver great driving performance with near-instant accelerator response and reduced gearshift times of up to 25%. The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system only intervenes when drift angles put the car at risk.


All-Weather mode ensures maximum safety under adverse weather conditions with gentle accelerator response. The Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) system prevents skidding by modifying power to match road speed during loss of grip.


Alfa Race is the most extreme performance mode. By minimizing the interventions of electronic systems, it leaves the driver in complete command. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) only intervenes during aggressive braking. Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) is deactivated under acceleration and braking, while Alfa Romeo’s Q2 differential control system remains active for fast exits from bends.