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The evolution of the Alfa Romeo badge

ALFA 20/30 HP - Alfa Romeo USA
1920 Alfa Romeo Badge - Alfa Romeo USA


In 1915, Nicola Romeo took over A.L.F.A. and the company name became "Alfa Romeo." In 1920, the first vehicle was badged with the new logo, which was modified to read Alfa-Romeo Milano.

Alfa Romeo P2 - Alfa Romeo USA
1925 Alfa Romeo World Championship golden laurel crown Badge - Alfa Romeo USA


A golden laurel crown was added to the badge, symbolizing the victory at the first World Championship. 

Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Villa d'Este - Alfa Romeo USA
1946 Alfa Romeo Spartan single color red Badge - Alfa Romeo USA


During the war, the machines that produced the badges installed on the vehicles were destroyed, which lead to the creation of a Spartan single-color (red) version of the badge. 

Alfa Romeo 1900 - Alfa Romeo USA
1950 Alfa Romeo Badge - Alfa Romeo USA


With the proclamation of the republic, the Savoy-dynasty knots were replaced by two wavy lines and the badge restored all of its color.

Alfa Romeo Alfasud - Alfa Romeo USA
1972 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Badge - Alfa Romeo USA


The Pomigliano d’Arco Alfasud plant opened and the word MILANO was removed along with the wavy lines.

Alfa Romeo 164 - Alfa Romeo USA
1982 Alfa Romeo Futura typeface Badge - Alfa Romeo USA


The laurel wreath was removed and the diameter of the logo was increased. The badge’s formal elements and colors were redesigned with the simplification of the serpent and the re-composition of ALFA ROMEO in the Futura typeface.

Giulia in smoke - Alfa Romeo USA
2015 Current Alfa Romeo Badge - Alfa Romeo USA


The new ALFA ROMEO badge is the perfect match between geometry and proportion, measured in every single part. Every element has its specific color, as each one highlights the exclusive positioning of Alfa Romeo expressing a bold and contemporary personality. The pyramidal texture on the background marks the brand character. Two different tones of gray melt together in a three-dimensional contrast of illuminations and shadows.

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