Alfa Romeo Tonale | Answers to FAQs


All your questions, answered. Learn more about the Alfa Romeo Tonale and what its hybrid technology is capable of.


“Plug-in Hybrid Electric” is defined as a vehicle that utilizes both gas and electric powertrains for propulsion, and can typically drive for short periods of time on electric power only. Like an Electric Vehicle, this vehicle’s battery can be recharged from a wall charger, but the vehicle can also run on gasoline.

The vehicle combines a traditional combustion engine with the power of an electric motor. Using regenerative braking, the Alfa Romeo Tonale can also help recharge its battery while you drive by capturing electrical energy from deceleration.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicles offer many of the advantages of electric vehicles, such as lower running costs, a quiet drive and zero emissions when it comes to pure electric driving. Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicles ensure the flexibility of a conventional gasoline-powered engine for longer trips without necessarily recharging the battery from an external source. The combination of the gasoline-powered engine and the electric motor can allow the vehicle to have a higher level of torque and performance than conventional vehicles.


Charging your Alfa Romeo Tonale is easy—just plug the charger cord into the vehicle’s power outlet located on the driver’s side rear fender, and then hook the other end up to an electrical source. Tonale comes with a Level I charging cord, which requires a conventional 120-volt AC grounded wall outlet. Before you begin charging, it is important to ensure your vehicle is turned off and in Park. Insert the AC plug of the charging cord into the grounded wall outlet. Then take the charge connector and insert it into the vehicle’s charging port until you hear a click. When properly inserted, the charge active indicator light will activate. Once your vehicle is fully charged, all bars on the indicator will be illuminated.

Yes, the Alfa Romeo Tonale can be charged at a public charging station. These stations typically have Level II 240-volt chargers, so it would take around 2.5  hours to fully charge an Alfa Romeo Tonale with a completely discharged battery. Level III (DC fast-charging) cords and/or chargers, which can be found at some charging stations, are not compatible. 

The portable charging cord is located in the trunk compartment under the cargo floor.

The gasoline-powered engine will automatically turn on to allow you to continue your journey.

The batteries are designed to function properly in a variety of climates. That said, the battery charge can be reduced depending on how long the vehicle is exposed to extreme warmth for a long time, as energy will be used to cool the batteries. Similarly, in the case of extreme cold, the charge will be reduced because energy will be used to heat the batteries.



The top speed of the Alfa Romeo Tonale is 128 mph. 

One way to maximize the range of your Alfa Romeo Tonale during the colder seasons is to keep your vehicle fully charged when possible. In order to maximize the battery charge, consider gradual accelerations when possible, which will help maximize the efficiency of your electric charge. Additionally, you can select Dynamic Mode on the vehicle’s DNA Drive Mode Selector, which engages maximum brake regeneration.  Brake regeneration takes kinetic energy from the brakes and converts it into electric energy, which is then used to charge the high-voltage battery.