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November 18, 2016

All-New Stelvio Named Best in Show - Alfa Romeo World

Alfa Romeo is proud to have the all-new Stelvio be named Best in Show at the 2016 LA Auto Show by With our race-inspired performance, state of the art technology and stunning Italian design, it’s no wonder some of the editors had the following to say:


Bruzek: Stelvi-o? More like Stelvi-whoa. Alfa's new SUV has a stunning, distinct design that proves not every new car has to look like something else… You can't look at this car and say, "The grille totally looks like a Porsche Macan's." The Stelvio doesn't look like any other SUV.


Wong: I wasn't sure how Alfa's styling would translate to a taller vehicle, but no worries, the Stelvio is bellissima. With good looks and what promises to be a hair-raising driving experience, this is a big step up for Alfa. My favorite small feature on the Quadrifoglio trim we saw: a bright red Formula One-style start button on the steering wheel.


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All-New Stelvio Named Best in Show - Alfa Romeo World