A timeless beauty at the service of your emotions.

North American model shown.



Distinctive design

Unique driving excitement enhanced
by the use of lightweight materials

Advanced driver
assistance systems

Available Level 2
Assisted Driving 

Near-perfect 50:50
weight distribution

Near-perfect balance for uncompromising
driving dynamics

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Responsive steering feel,
maximum comfort



North American model shown.

The Full-LED Adaptive Matrix Trilobe headlamps help provide optimal illumination.


North American model shown.

Transparent taillamps bring out the iconic Alfa Romeo sportiness.


North American model shown.

The distinctive V Scudetto grille highlights the sporty look of Giulia.


North American model shown.

Giulia Veloce 19-inch Sport Five-Hole alloy wheels enhance its dynamic design.


North American model shown.


Colorizer is for illustrative purposes. Exterior color choices and wheel options may vary in price. Contact dealer for details.



The Alfa Romeo Giulia brings together design, power and innovation, to deliver unique driving excitement, all thanks to patented technologies and the use of lightweight materials. The three main advantages of this system are increased response, reduced weight, and improved feel. The Q2 or available Q4 systems and the Intelligent Braking System brake-by-wire system offer responsive driving.

European model shown.



A few intuitive motions will provide a smooth experience when driving an Alfa Romeo Giulia.


North American model shown.

Alfa Connect Services *


Connected with the world and with your vehicle. Alfa Connect Services create and assure great connectivity.

* All vehicles properly equipped to receive Alfa Connect services come with 3 years of Assistance Package or Assistance + Navigation Package (if equipped), 5 years of Vehicle Performance Package, 10 years of Safety and Security Package, effective from the date of purchase or lease of a new vehicle. Enrollment in Alfa Connect is required to receive services. Upon expiration of the service periods, purchase of a subscription is required to continue or renew those services.  Alfa Connect is available only on equipped vehicles purchased within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Services can only be used where cellular coverage is available. Review the applicable Terms of Service for complete terms and conditions, including service limitations.


In any emergency, SOS call allows you to contact our dedicated call centers that will do everything they can to solve the issue as quickly as possible.


European model shown.


Using Remote operations through the Alfa Romeo app*, you can interact with your Alfa Romeo Giulia anytime, wherever you are: you can lock and unlock the doors, turn the lights on and off and carry out many other actions. All directly from your smartphone or smartwatch.

*App features may vary between vehicle, model year, and the connected services available.


North American model shown.


With Vehicle Performance Package, you can constantly keep your vehicle's general health and status under control, directly from your smartphone or computer, even when you're not behind the wheel.

*Alfa Connected Services allow you to find and control your Alfa Romeo at all times and help you monitor and take care of your Alfa Romeo. Download the Alfa Connect app to discover the Connected Services and stay connected to your car wherever you are!


European model shown.


With Wi-Fi®, you can share a wireless internet connection with all the passengers in your Alfa Romeo Giulia.

*3-month/1GB trial included with the purchase or lease of a new vehicle. Upon earlier of expiration of the trial period or usage of included 1 GB, trial ends. Purchase of a subscription is required to continue service. Wi-Fi Hotspot available through third-party provider subscription and subject to provider terms and conditions. Requires eligible vehicle with Internet-enabled mobile device (Contact dealer for details). Wi-Fi hotspot functionality available in U.S. & Canada only. Coverage and service not available everywhere. This feature is not intended for use by the driver while the vehicle is in motion. Always drive carefully.


North American model shown.


Protect your Giulia with Theft Alarm Alert, a service that notifies your app of any suspicious event, like attempted theft*.

*Vehicle must be enrolled in an active subscription with Alfa Connect and be in an active and usable cellular range. Vehicle Theft Alert is only available on factory-installed alarms only.


North American model shown.


With Navigation, your driving experience is even more complete with real-time updates on traffic, weather and road conditions. You can also look up destinations and places of interest on your smartphone and send them to your onboard navigator.


North American model shown.

In addition, thanks to the the Alfa Romeo App, you can access partner offers and data.​ For more information click here.

*App features may vary between vehicle, model year, and the connected services available.





Efficient, high-performance engines. A chassis designed to work with innovative suspension systems and a well balanced power-to-weight ratio.


North American model shown.


The Alfa Romeo Giulia has a trunk capacity of 13.4 cubic feet.

European model shown.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered. Learn more about the Alfa Romeo Giulia and how you can put its power to work for you.


Giulia is the Italian equivalent of the English name Julia, and it is pronounced the same (Joo-lee-ah).

Apple CarPlay®*  support and Android Auto™ compatibility** are included on all Alfa Romeo vehicles, including the 2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia. Learn more about all the technology features that Alfa Romeo Giulia has to offer.

*Requires compatible iPhone®. See dealer for phone compatibility. Data plan rates apply. Vehicle user interface is a product of Apple®. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Apple terms of use and privacy statements apply.

**To wirelessly use Android Auto on your car display, you need a compatible Android smartphone with an active data plan.  You can check which smartphones are compatible at

The 2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia offer available all-wheel drive for control and traction in difficult conditions. While all-wheel drive is not available on Giulia Quadrifoglio, the vehicle does feature a standard torque vectoring rear differential for added traction and control.

Manufacturing of the Alfa Romeo Giulia has not shifted from its origin. It is still built in Italy today and imported around the world.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia boasts a powerful turbo engine that delivers 280 horsepower, while the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio stands up to the competition with 505 horsepower.

To open the hood on the 2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia, start by pulling the hood release lever inside the vehicle, on the driver-side kick panel. Then exit the vehicle and approach the hood from the front. Raise the hood slightly to access the under-hood safety latch and move the latch from left to right to release it. Raise the hood completely and use the props on either side of the hood to hold it in the open position.

Explore the owner's manual to find out more about the operation of the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The 2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia features a 2.0L I4 direct injection turbo engine. The Giulia Quadrifoglio features a 2.9L Twin-Turbo V6 engine.

Lease pricing depends on many factors, including your credit rating and the vehicle you’ve selected. Check out current offers to see the options available for leasing a 2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia.