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Curious about the coverage you have under your Alfa Romeo vehicle warranty? Look up what's included in your manufacturer limited warranty and learn more about available extended warranties from the factory on specific features like vehicle paint or powertrain.

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A manufacturer’s limited vehicle warranty, also called a limited auto warranty or limited factory warranty, covers defects or damage to your car that occur as a result of factory-installed parts.

An extended limited vehicle warranty, usually purchased separately, offers coverage for your vehicle after the term of the manufacturer’s limited warranty ends. It may be offered by the manufacturer or by a third-party provider.

The specifics of your Alfa Romeo Brand limited vehicle warranty coverage may vary, but generally, the warranty will cover repair or replacement of factory-installed systems and parts for a term based on the distance driven or number of years the vehicle has been owned.

Your Alfa Romeo Brand limited vehicle warranty does not include routine maintenance, any damage to the interior or damage due to aftermarket parts, accidents or the environment. Warranties do not cover any part that was not on the vehicle when it left the manufacturing plant or is not certified for use on the vehicle.

Warranty costs will vary. A Alfa Romeo Brand limited vehicle warranty is generally included with the purchase of a new or certified pre-owned vehicle, while third-party warranties will need to be purchased separately. Prices will depend on the length and thoroughness of coverage.

Manufacturer’s limited warranties are limited by distance driven or time elapsed since purchase, whichever comes first. The Alfa Romeo Basic Limited Warranty is 4 years or 50,000 miles.

To make a claim under your Alfa Romeo Brand limited vehicle warranty, we recommend that you contact the dealership from whom you purchased your vehicle. However, if you are unable to do so, any authorized Alfa Romeo dealer will be able to guide you through the process of claiming a warranty repair.

Even if you have a transferable limited warranty, it’s likely that there are some restrictions on transfers. The FCA new vehicle limited warranty stays with the vehicle and is transferable to the second owner. If you have purchased an extended warranty, it may have further restrictions on transferability.

There are several circumstances that may void a warranty or cause the manufacturer to deny a warranty claim, including tampering, salvage title (a vehicle that has been written off by an insurer), modifications to the vehicle, etc. A warranty could also be restricted/voided if the vehicle is not properly maintained, abused or neglected and that abuse or neglect interferes with the proper functioning of the vehicle.

All Alfa Romeo Brand vehicles come with a manufacturer limited warranty.

2017 through 2023 model year vehicles come with a 1-Year/10,000-Mile limited complimentary service plan following scheduled maintenance in the owner's manual and user guide. Excludes Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and Spider models. Other restrictions may apply. Contact dealer for complete details.